Domino B-BBEE Solution assists with:

Corporate Involvement

We believe in mutually beneficial relationships. That’s it – a relationship. A relationship is an ongoing partnership between two organisations working towards a common goal. So, bring your staff and get involved.

You are the experts in your sphere of business and we are the experts in community transformation. We each can offer unique resources and skills for effective social change by leveraging opportunities to partner together. The Domino Foundation focuses on maintaining and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships through three levels of involvement.

  • Financial Support
  • Non-Financial Support
  • Staff Impact Days

CSR/CSI Alignment

For practitioners seeking specific alignment with company CSI policies, we have a variety of programmes across the spectrum that satisfy Corporate Social Responsibility and Investment goals.

The Domino Foundation manages focused interventions to support and empower communities holistically to be active participants in our society. We believe that by addressing three key pillars, effective social change can be achieved.

    To help those in their time of need
    To give orphaned children and vulnerable women an equal and fair chance in life
    To empower a community using economic development 

Together these interventions cover a multifaceted approach to community development and we are active in a number of impact areas:

Get Involved

We would love to partner with you and your organisation in effecting change in South Africa.

Contact Lisa Doyle by emailing or calling 031 563 6905 to discuss B-BBEE assistance, volunteer opportunities or donating of your time and resources in partnering with The Domino Foundation.